Transportation, Urban and Global Strategies Consultant

CWA Partners,LLC has top track record in providing the following Services:

Community Outreach

CWA Partners is currently supporting STEAM Programs for high school students in Georgia, and also an active member of Atlanta's Midtown Alliance, (A coalition of business and community leaders). She is also a founding member of The Aviation High School in Oakland, California.

   Transit Oriented Development 

As a member of Atlanta's Midtown Alliance, Ward Allen is focused on Transit Oriented Development Projects.  

Small Business Assistance 

 Locally, she is assisting small business clients,

( MBE, DBE & WBE )

*Business Branding

*Graphic Design &

*Social Media development 

CWA Partners LLC


  A Woman Owned Business Specializing in Transit Oriented Development,

Transportation Related Strategies for Mass Rail Systems, International Airports, and Seaports. 


Strategic Planning for: 

  • Transit Oriented Development Projects
  • Community Outreach
  • Cherrettes, Workshops and Town Hall Meetings
  • Branding and Boardroom Strategies
  • Small Business Assistance Business Branding
  • Minority Contracts and Bonding
  • Airport Connector Projects
  • Project Labor Agreements
  • Jobs with Zip Code Priority
  • Green Jobs
  • Campaigns for Elective Offices
  • Diversity and Equity Issues
  • Leadership and Equity Training Workshops
  • Safety and Security Strategies
  • Neighborhood Preservation (Art, Culture and History)
  • Environmental Justice
  • Web Page Design
  • Social Media and Graphics
  • Hate Crime Prevention
  • Racial profiling
  • Police and Neighborhood Relationships
  • Public Perceptions of Transportation Police Department
  • Civilian Oversight
  • Police Review Board
  • Internal/External Audits 

Carole Ward Allen, Ed.D,CEO

[email protected]

[email protected]


Offices in Atlanta GA. and Oakland,CA.