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Carole Ward  Allen & Associates

 Dr. Carole Ward Allen, CEO, Ed.D.



Dr. Carole Ward Allen                    & Associates

Dr. Carole Ward Allen is an Artist, African American Politician,African American Historian, One of the founding Faculty Members and first Chairwoman  of the Ethnic Studies Department and Chairwoman at Laney College in the  Peralta Community College District in  Oakland, California.

Ward Allen served also served as Assistant Dean of Students at the PCCD office. Over the years, Dr. Ward Allen, received numerous achievement awards from public and private entities and educational institutions. She was  one of two educators selected Teacher of the Year in XXX.

 In 2011, Dr. Carole Ward Allen, was the founder and CEO of CWA Partners, LLC., A woman owned  transportation consulting firm.  Inspired by her experiences as the first African American woman to serve as president of two of the most powerful transportation boards in the Bay Area and state of California, she saw the need for more minorities and women to apply for transportation contracts across the country. In 2018, Ward Allen moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she set up a second office and closed out her California LLC.  Recently in 2021, Ward Allen has updated the  focus of her consulting services. No longer is she limiting her services to transportation  but expanding her services to include her expertise in education, African American History and Diversity, The Arts, Community and Public Relations as well as a porporri  of Transportation issues,(from soup to nuts), as well as politics. As she shut down CWA Partners, LLC, her new company Carole Ward Allen and Associates is now taking shape. Ward Allen says, "During the recent quarantine due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I had time to reframe my business and to craft it more inline with my talent and experiences" allowing me to offer more relevant and better services.  

 In  2018, Ward Allen moved to Atlanta. "I can't believe I have been a resident and a voter for 3 years. I joined Ebenezer Baptist Church when I first  arrived and a member of the Midtown Alliance and assisted several profit and non-profits develop STEAM projects, as actively participated in  several campaigns, including my minister,  Reverend Raphael Warnock's historic  election to the U.S. Senate representing Georgia.At this time,  I am excited to launch, Carole Ward Allen and Associates as I  expand services both  locally and globally--- formulating a  Global Hybrid Company that offers quality service to all my clients that will indirectly impact people worldwide.

As a former board member of two of the largest  mass transportation boards in the State of California, Ward Allen served three four-year terms as an elected member of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District  and Oakland Board of Port Commissioners. She will continue offering services in the area of transportation -- but expanding it and focusing on Underground Railroad endeavors but also Third Rail ventures also as  both are important to our nation and our economy.


Carole Ward Allen's emphasis is on "North Star" issues. As you may already know,  The North Star is the anchor of the northern sky and the symbolic meaning, for the North Star depicts a beacon of inspiration and hope for many for Harriet Tubman and her 3,000  slaves that were  seeking freedom on the Underground Railroad - that followed the North Star to freedom. In addition, Frederick Douglass, one of our most beloved and powerful black leaders of all time , named his weekly  newspaper "The North Star."  I believe it is fitting for me  to continue the journey, and pass the torch to  future generations.